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Join host and musician, Nick Slayton, as he shares his personal stories, historical knowledge, and keen insights into some of rock and metal music's most influential artists. Taking a comprehensive and retrospective approach, A Podcast and A CD is now 100+ episodes strong and regularly dives into the catalogs of artists ranging from Bruce Springsteen and Roger Waters to Megadeth, Van Halen and more!
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Roger Waters: This is Not a Drill – 2022 Tour

"At the request of many listeners, here's my review of Roger Waters' 'This Is Not A Drill' tour. Enjoy!" -Nick

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A Podcast and a CD's growing library of 100+ episodes spans metal, rock, and progressive rock genres.


"If only you hadn't taken things out of my hands"

Bruce Springsteen

"Bring on your wrecking ball"


"Hello me, meet the real me"


"We're off to never-never land"

Ozzy Osbourne

"Millions of people living as foes"


"Can't you see I'm easily bothered by persistence?"

Pink Floyd

"How can you have your pudding if you don't eat yer meat?"

Roger Waters

"This supermarket life is getting long"

Van Halen

"Yeah, we're running a little bit hot tonight"
Eye opening. relatable. great storytelling.

What are Listeners Saying on Twitter?

Hey my friend, I discovered your podcast a few weeks ago while listening to Animals on Amazon Music. I was never a big Rog fan, but you really opened my eyes to his genius solo work, so keep up the amazing work!!

Silver Screen Starlets


Hello from Las Vegas bro. I just stumbled upon your podcast on Amazon Music when I was looking for any kind of podcast about Megadeth. Your thoughts and views on all of the albums are so relatable to my own. Good stuff bro! Keep it up!!

Kenny Peppley


Relating music to specific people, a time in life or a life experience is one of it's most most important functions in my opinion. It's apparent you're a good dude and a good father, great storytelling in this podcast, God bless.
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about the host

Meet Nick Slayton

Musician. Storyteller. Podcaster.

In 2016, I was co-hosting A Podcast and a Movie with my brother, Chris Slayton, when it occurred to me that I love music far more than movies. After much thought, I decided to produce a solo podcast and named it: A Podcast and a CD.
The first episodes/series dove into Megadeth as they were the first band that I truly embraced in my youth. Almost seven years and 100+ episodes later, I've explored several other artist's catalogs including: Anthrax, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Pantera, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and Van Halen.
I truly enjoy sharing my personal stories with you as well as hearing your own. I'm greatly appreciative of your support and the positive feedback that you've shared with me. I look forward to producing more and more episodes that expand across other genres including: Pop, Soundtrack, and Score.
Thanks for listening and make sure to like, follow, and subscribe!
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